Carbon offsets neutralise our contribution to global warming. Our carbon emissions can be offset by funding projects which cause an equal reduction in emissions elsewhere.

Introduction to carbon offsetting 
At Cambridge Short-Term Let, we participate in Itzama's Carbon Offsetting 'ECO2 Living' programme. We purchase certificates of carbon emission reduction (VER+) through the offsetting Youshuishiti Hydroelectric Project in China. The electricity generated by the project replaces some of the electricity otherwise generated by coal-fired power plants which dominate the South China Power Grid (SCPG) thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The emission calculation for Cambridge Short-Term Let is based upon IPCC guidelines. It measures the amount of CO2 released at the cottages through our guests' burning of natural gas and consumption of electricity for heating and cooking to give a calculable impact of the business. Each purchased certificate offsets a proportion of this impact. The carbon impact of the cottages, therefore, is neutral.

We urge all of our guests to consider the environment during their stays at our cottages not only by considering the CO2 emissions they are creating but by encouraging guests to embrace Cambridge City Council's efforts to increase recycling of waste materials and to conserve water. We also devote much time to the upkeep of the cottage gardens to improve their beauty but also to ensure a rich habitat for the garden wildlife that is so abundant in the city.

We offer you a comfortable and environmental-footprint-free stay!
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